Maxxis Mammoth EXO Fat Bike Tire

Maxxis Mammoth EXO Fat Bike Tire


$96.00 $88.00

Maxxis’ Mammoth EXO was the brand’s first foray into the world of fat bike tires, and like the ancient beast it’s named for, it’s prepared to roam over any amount of mud, snow, or sand you put in front of it without a second thought. Unlike its namesake, though, we think this tire is around for the long haul. Made with fast-rolling dual compound rubber, the Mammoth won’t get slowed down on hardpack with its low-profile center tread, and whether you’re turning in loose sand or on groomed snow trails, the tall side knobs make for consistent, reliable cornering. Maxxis reinforces the 120 TPI Mammoth with its EXO protection, and at 1270g, it won’t be the lightest tire in your garage, but it’s what you’ll want to be on when the going gets tough.

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  • Compound: dual compound
  • Size: 26 in x 4.0 in
  • Protection: EXO
  • TPI: 120
  • PSI: 30 PSI
  • Bead: foldable
  • Claimed Weight: 1270g

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